How business class apartments become the heart of the real estate market 

How business class apartments become the heart of the real estate market 

Material published in the web-based media “Segodnia” 

In the context of tough struggle for a purchaser and competition of a concept, more and more often developers undertake risky experiments at the interface of various classes and price groups. In order to attract the largest possible pool of potential buyers, the economy-class apartments are claimed to be the comfort-class ones, and the comfort-class apartments are claimed to be the business-class ones. Considering the aforementioned situation, attempts to create a facility that would absolutely fit within the framework of the classic business class are truly worthy of respect. 

The format defines the content 

According to real estate market analysts, location is the first significant criterion for a true business class. The complex should not go beyond the city center or areas which are traditionally referred to as “the center” in a general meaning. Firstly, it is a question of transportation accessibility. Residents of a newly constructed complex should be able to reach any part of a city by car or without it. Secondly, environmental issue. Among the things that a real business has to prioritize there is a prestigious direction bordering on with natural recreational areas.  

Housing development Edelweiss House is under construction in Zvirynetska Street. Officially, this point on the map does not only refer to the most elite district in the capital – Pechersk, but also neighbors upon major highways. Therefore, the location of the housing development is absolutely consistent with the declared class. Transport lines leave from here in different directions, including to Boryspil and Kyiv airports, Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Holosiivskyi District. 

Khreshhatyk is less than 6 km away down Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, which has long said goodbye to much of the traffic. It is pretty much the same to get to the Central Railway Station. The housing development will have direct exits to Boichuka Street, Naddniprianske Shosse, which means that you can easily turn either in the direction of the city center or in the direction of the suburbs. It is rather important that the nearest metro station is within 5-7-minute walking distance.

The location of the housing development also wins due to the proximity of the Botanical Garden - one of the largest green areas in the capital. The views from the windows to the garden, the Dnipro, Lysa Hora and the downtown become a pleasant bonus from a well-chosen location.

It is not only the beautiful landscape of the windows, but also the presence of a green playground for recreation all year round. Here you can run in the morning, go Nordic walking, read books during the warm season sitting on one of the benches in shade, and organize walks for the whole family on weekends. The winter Botanical Garden may also surprise you: in the largest recreational area in Kyiv downtown, there are slides for all tastes and all conditions for sledging both for the little ones and adults.

Top priority concept

It is quite obvious that in Kyiv, where there is no much free land available for construction, not everybody is lucky with the location. That is why the location should always be considered in conjunction with at least two essential criteria – the uniqueness of the architecture and the quality of the construction solutions in combination with the ergonomic engineering of a building.  

The cast-in-place concrete frame technology forms the basis of Edelweiss House construction that guarantees the highest resistance and durability of structures. The newly-built construction consists of two twenty-four-storied buildings. The buildings are constructed with due consideration of innovative energy saving technologies and using environmentally-friendly safe certified materials. They are connected by a stylobate, on the roof of which it is planned to equip a playground and a sportsground as well as a recreational area. The stylobate part itself will contain storage rooms, charging stations for electric cars, a car wash, and a 6-level parking space with an unprecedented number of parking spots for Kyiv – 625 parking spots for cars of different classes designated for 474 apartments. The coefficient is 1,3 per apartment, this means that there is enough parking space for everyone. This ratio of the number of parking spots to the number of apartments is a rarity in Kyiv. You will not have to leave your car two blocks away from your house, look for a free parking space, and walk. As expected, when designing the parking area, the convenience of entry and exit was taken into account; we have projected a perfect sound insulation, engineering systems that ensure microclimate, fire extinguishment and smoke exhaust. After leaving your apartment, you can go down to a parking area by elevator. The issue of parking is another specific feature that helps distinguish pseudo-business and disguised comfort lux. The housing development has to have a sufficient number of parking spots. 

The present-day real estate buyer values not only an apartment, or even an apartment together with the environment, but he values the way the space is arranged. The territory is not a sidewalk leading to the porch, but a full-fledged infrastructure, yard closed to cars, walking areas, playgrounds and sportsgrounds. 

Edelweiss House housing development project is based on this space arrangement principle. Firstly, a closed, guarded and secure area with video surveillance and access control system. The interior space is zoned: on the one side - there are playgrounds and sportsgrounds for active leisure, on the other side – there are walking areas and recreational areas for peace lovers.