About the company

About the company

Edelburg Development focuses on construction and implementation of complex residential and commercial real estate projects. We are introducing a new quality standard in the real estate market, combining excellent location, uniquely designed architecture, functional planning solutions, advanced engineering and own developed infrastructure. 

In 2017, the company began to implement its first project in Ukraine. It was the construction of a business class housing development Edelweiss House. The Ukrainian state-owned development corporation “Ukrbud” became a partner and the prime contractor. It brings together about 200 organizations and enterprises of various forms of ownership located in the main Ukrainian cities.

Currently, Edelburg Development is implementing 4 housing development projects and and 1 in the suburbs.



One of the Edelburg Development main advantages is the use of modern technologies and innovative solutions at all levels and stages of its activity – from design to management of facilities. 

Our team of more than 100 professionals has a longstanding experience in the area of development and investment management. Edelburg Development portfolio contains a wide range of real estate projects with a total area of about 500 000 square meters.

Efficient financial, engineering and construction resources for project implementation as well as the company’s aspiration to create a comfortable and functional space for living and doing business is a key to prosperous and promising future.


“Greatness in details” is our fundamental principles. That is why there exist no trivial matters for us. We pay attention to every detail of a project we are working on, and make it impeccable. This applies to location of our facilities, their internal infrastructure, apartment planning and public sites management. We build them like our own!

Our goal – construction of a world-class dwelling in the Ukrainian capital, introduction of advanced quality and energy efficiency technologies in line with the strictest European standards. 


The principles of mutual respect, trust and indifference to what we are doing are in the heart of our work. That is why we appreciate opinions and interests of our shareholders, employees, clients and partners.  
Our core values are a professional approach in all things: at every stage of design, construction and maintenance of housing developments, quality and functionality of facilities.