Choosing an apartment in the historical centre: Housing Complex ‘Podol Grad Vintage’ for investment and personal comfort

Choosing an apartment in the historical centre: Housing Complex ‘Podol Grad Vintage’ for investment and personal comfort

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Depending on the investment strategy, both foreign tourists during their short-term visits, and modern, young, proactive guys fond of the historical centre and willing to live closer to offices not to spend too much time on their journey could become guests of your apartment downtown. The audience showing interest in the long-term lease of apartments may include young entrepreneurs, top managers, specialists from other regions coming to the capital for a long stay and interested in rented accommodation with enhanced comfort.


An apartment rent-seeker on Podol may get up to 10-15% per annum, if the choice of the option for investment is right. Besides that, housing in the centre is of high liquidity and is always in fashion, which means that it does not cheapen and even grows in price. Capitalization and real estate cost growth over the years here is certain to happen.


The question is only where one should buy an apartment for him/herself or for investment in Podol. The major part of offers related to housing put on sale in this area belongs to the secondary market. Most often these are run-down and emergency-status houses with serious problems as far their engineering infrastructure is concerned. Quite often apartments and entrances are in a very poor condition. Acquiring such option, be ready to spend quite an amount of money on capital repairs. Besides that, you will have just to hope that your neighbour at the staircase will not sell his/her apartment for an office, since social environment in such buildings in not very uniform.


Well, for investors appreciating privacy and intimacy, high level of comfort, willing to live surrounded by historical constructions, but to have a sound sleep, being sure of the quality of constructions, building materials and engineering solutions, there is an option in place.


Their main choice may be a modern housing complex standing out amidst the existing buildings thanks to individual architectural design, well thought-out amenities and security in the territory adjacent to the building, but at the same time staying in harmony with the neighbouring historic buildings. Such facilities, in particular, include a new business-class Housing Complex ‘Podol Grad Vintage’ built by the developer Edelburg Development. The Housing Complex is located in the very centre of Podol, where the famous Valy (Walls) begin.


The design code of the Housing Complex has been arranged in the image and likeness of well-known architectural ensembles of the old Podol, but in modern interpretation. The image of the new building contains direct references to the features characteristic of the classical tradition in the real estate of the district.


These are both moderate number of storeys, which is largely pre-determined by the city planning restrictions and urbanistic landscape, and upheld proportions of window openings, and outlining of storeys with architectural means.


The customer is offered a choice of 28 planning concepts, as well as an opportunity to choose windows: standard, oriel or round-headed windows, or that may also well be a French balcony. The type of recessed balcony parapet is also offered to be made at the customer’s discretion, since there are several variants of forged grills with different ornaments or stair posts. Certainly, you will not have to choose in the literal sense of the word, the above tricks are already envisaged by the design and they will differ depending on the storey and the section of the complex.


There are one-room, two-room and three-room apartments on sale, from 52 to 120 sq.m. They all contain a spatial kitchen-diner, a cloakroom area, wide rooms of a regular shape, high ceilings of 3 m, minimum one balcony or recessed balcony. And in the apartments on the upper storey there are also full-fledged terraces, where a garden or a private lounge area can be arranged.


Depending on the personal need, one may easily select something (s)he likes from an abundance of options. If you want to buy housing in the centre to lease it to foreign tourists and guests of the capital, it is worth paying close attention to 1-room apartments from 52 sq.m. upwards. It is such areas in the centre, with well-designed space ergonomics, within walking distance to the underground, that are sought for by renters for several nights.


For long-term lease and acquisition for living there it is worth looking at 2-room and 3-room lots. The customer is offered selection of an ideal option in terms of the correlation between the apartment location in relation to compass points, the area of kitchen-diner and room design. For example, there is an option of a vest-apartment or a design with an oriel window in the bathroom.


According to the design, on the first storey of the complex there will be commercial premises of different functional designation, with high ceilings, large display windows and separate entrance groups. The tenants, besides different shops, services and concept stores, will include a restaurant and a cafe.


Square metre price growth by one third in this project does not cause any doubts, and even investors with low level of risk tolerance realize that beneficial location, interesting concept, well-planned architecture and apartment layout make the Housing Complex ‘Podol Grad Vintage’ stand out among the other offers in the area. That is what contributes to sustainable consumer demand for it.