We have launched a new project in Vyshneve

We have launched a new project in Vyshneve

We are pleased to announce the launch of sales of apartments in a new residential complex named Wellspring in the center of Vyshneve. Our complex is an ideal option for those who wish to live a slow-paced life outside the capital, who lives in Vyshneve and want to improve the quality of their life, and this is also an excellent option for those who buy their first dwelling.   

The major advantages of Wellspring are as follows: there are 4 buildings with variable number of floors – from 6 to 11, a yard closed to outsiders and cars, where there will be a pump room with an artesian well, playgrounds and sportsgrounds, barbecue areas, summer houses, a private boiler room, etc. 

The complex will also include: a kindergarten, a childhood development center, a gym, co-working space, a grocery convenience store, coffee shops and other infrastructure facilities. First floors of buildings with exits from the front part and the courtyard have been designated specifically for these purposes in order not to violate the privacy of residents.  

Here we will also build a spacious parking lot for 330 cars, equip it with charging stations for electric cars. It will be possible to go down to the parking lot by elevator; there are 1-2 of them, depending on the number of floors in the building. And along the perimeter of the territory, we will organize additional guest parking. By the way, there will be a total of 520 apartments with an area ranging from 39 square meters up to 83 square meters, as well as 2-level ones on the upper floors of the last phases of the project.

And it takes 5 minutes to drive from Wellspring to Shopping & Entertainment Center “Cherry Mall”, which we built and opened last year. There appeared the first cinema in the town, the largest “For a” chain supermarket, boutiques, a food court, and a fitness club with three swimming pools is about to open.